Thursday, February 4, 2010

What is your website worth?

Ever wonder how much is your website worth? Guess what, I found a cool website that can help you to analyze and calculate your website value. These website also able to calculate your daily page view and daily ads revenue.

some of my findings, estimated worth = USD 2.41b estimated worth = USD 1.2b estimated worth = USD 602.25mill estimated worth = USD 401.5mill estimated worth = USD 996, 975.6 estimated worth = USD 39, 215.6 estimated worth = USD 37, 441.7 estimated worth = USD 172.07mill estimated worth = USD 803mill estimated worth = USD 1.35mill estimated worth = USD 2.07 mill

Sadly, it can’t analyze and calculate blogspot blog value. So, if i were to guess my blog value is, it should not be more than RM4.75 for now.

What yours? Check it out at


kenwooi said... estimated worth = USD 4774.2

haha.. so little compared to the sites above.. =P

Fairoz Khan said...

USD 4774.2 = RM 16,316.07

U r 16k richer than me dude...

keep it up!

Kaito said... blog similar to you...haha

Dak Wan® said...

My blog might as well be Zero value too! Hahaha

nelis said...

These tools are nice gadgets but they don't tell you much. the valuation of an object (company, painting website e.g.) are best done by humans using models they can understand and manipulate. Case is different. If valuations where easy we would not have a financial crisis. (my website) is worth: $1870

Fairoz Khan said...

agree. :)

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