Thursday, February 25, 2010

How to make your own Ikea meatballs

How to make your own Ikea meatballs - newbie guide!


1) Meatballs (any brand or get Ikea frozen meatball at RM30 per pack.)
2) Potato’s or fries
3) Gravy, get the Ikea instant gravy mix at RM5 per pack (for 4 person)
4) Cream
5) Lingonberry jam (not having it)


1) Boil the meatballs and then fry them slowly in plenty of butter / normal cooking oil
2) Boil your potatoes / fry your fries
3) Gravy: Add water & cream, bring it to boil.
4) Add the contents of packet, stir well.
5) After 3 minutes, kawtim.



kenwooi said...

looks good =)

Fairoz Khan said...

Thanks dude! Linking u in my blog :)

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