Friday, February 5, 2010

Datuk Seri Najib Razak organizing a tea party for his online friend

Our Prime Minister, Datuk Seri Najib Razak is organizing a tea party for his online friends on 13 March 2010 at his place in Putrajaya.

From his blog;

“As I have expressed earlier in my previous blogs and during several interviews, I am delighted with the number of interactions online that I have had with the public via my personal blog on, as well as Facebook and Twitter. Indeed, I am moved to interact further directly with my online fans and friends.

On Saturday 13 March 2010, I would like to host a tea party at my home specifically for my online friends for an interactive session. Although participation at this event will be limited, I intend for this to be the first of many sessions and events for us to meet and interact. There has been an overwhelming and encouraging amount of comments, likes and feedback and I thought that we could discuss and interact further on this at the event. Click here to find out more details and to register for an invitation.

As more events and opportunities will be added in due time, please check back on my blog at to learn more details and how to register. I look forward to meeting you!”

From Berita Harian;

"Sebagaimana yang telah disentuh dalam blog saya yang terdahulu dan dalam beberapa wawancara, saya begitu gembira dengan kadar interaksi online yang telah dicapai bersama dengan orang ramai melalui blog peribadi saya di serta Facebook dan Twitter.

Oleh kerana tempat adalah terhad, beliau meminta rakan online yang ingin menyertai jamuan tersebut mengisi borang kehadiran yang disediakan di laman blognya di mana pendaftaran akan dibuka sehingga 11.59 malam, 15 Februari. Najib juga meminta rakan online beliau untuk terus melayari laman blognya kerana banyak lagi acara dan peluang yang akan diadakan selepas ini.”

For those who interested to join, please register here and submit your application before 15 Feb 2010 by 11.59pm.