Friday, January 29, 2010

Sky Sports 3D - Man Utd vs Arsenal

Yup, soon we (Malaysian) can enjoy watching the BPL match in 3D. Sky will experiment the first ever 3d sport telecast this Sunday between Man Utd and Arsenal match.

Sky will show the world's first live 3D TV sports broadcast this weekend after being helped by the man behind the Hollywood blockbuster movie Avatar.

The broadcaster will screen the Premier League match between Arsenal and Manchester United in 3D in nine selected pubs (UK) on Sunday.

Football fans in London, Manchester, Cardiff, Edinburgh and Dublin will wear special glasses to see the game in an extra dimension.

The clash at Arsenal's Emirates Stadium will be the public's first taste of live 3D football ahead of Sky's dedicated 3D channel which launches in April.

source & photo from : Sky News

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